CollabDesign - Intro

Collabdesign Intro

Supporting material for the Learning Day

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Remember that this is not a linear course. The materials that are described here will not necessarily be covered during the sessions. They are here to offer support and the possibility of deepening according to the needs of each participant.

First session

The first session is an overview of the methodologies involved in CollabDesign and the construction of the narrative that supports our collaborative work in favor of regeneration. Watch the videos and read the following texts to understand the process:

Second session

The second session is when we start to get our hands dirty. We will choose a project among the various proposals made by the participants and start our design process. Watch the videos and read the following texts:

Third session

The third session is where we begin to build a collective vision of the project. We will dream together and analyze the dragons present on the journey.

Fourth session

Here we continue our dragon anatomy and we will start to build an external identity for the project and define a minimally viable action plan. We also worked on some nuances of group processes and that’s why we recommend the Deep Democracy video below.

Fifth session

The fifth session is dedicated to finalizing the construction of strategic planning.

Sixth session

The last session is dedicated to the distribution of responsibilities, basic agreements and an overview of the next steps. This is where we see whether the project will actually be carried out or not. The material for this session will still be published here soon.