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Desenha projectos sistémicos e regenerativos de forma colaborativa!

We live in times of unbelievable technological advancement. Today the world is connected in a way that would never have been possible before. News flies and reaches our pocket computers in the blink of an eye.
At the same time, we face enormous challenges that require a joint effort by society to address the basic needs of humans, living beings that struggle to survive another day and to ensure that future generations will also enjoy natural resources.

The dimension of the challenge

The social division: It can be summarized by the number 8. The 8 biggest tycoons in the world accumulate a material wealth greater than half of the combined world population. Represents the disconnection of theme with the other.
The ecological division:It can be represented by the number 1.5. Our planet is using 1.5x its capacity for regeneration. This means that we would need half of another planet earth to supply our current resource demand. Represents the disconnection of theme with the environment.
The spiritual division: It can be represented by the number 800.000. This is the average number of suicides per year today (Sourceon here). This means every 40s we have a death by suicide in the world. Represents the disconnection of theme with myself.


When people and organizations remember that they are also nature

É um processo em que  o designer está consciente do seu papel e responsabilidade na sociedade e do uso do processo de design para provocar mudanças culturais que estimulam o crescimento pessoal, fortalecem comunidades e regeneram o planeta.

When we talk about Collaborative Design, we have to bring together the most solid processes of systemic innovation to solve the great problems faced by humanity and the planet as a whole.

This can only be achieved by navigating complexity in a completely disruptive way.



What is the Content?

The process is carried out through collaborative games focused on the design of regenerative projects!

Quais são as metodologias?

The field of social innovation is stimulating. Every day we can see new methodologies being developed to present solutions to the great challenges we face.
In this course we intend to address the methodologies that have been installed in the field of social innovation long enough to demonstrate tangible results.
Segue abaixo uma lista das principais metodologias abordadas. Tenha em mente que isso está longe de representar a totalidade do conteúdo. Para desenhar soluções regenerativas temos que nos equipar de muitos saberes, e seria impossível listar todo o conteúdo abordado neste “panfleto”. Ao mesmo tempo, não perca o entusiasmo pelo tamanho da lista.
This tangle of things connect in a very simple way when we know how to apply them.
A abordagem deste curso não é linear.  O objetivo da experiência é demonstrar como esses conceitos se relacionam de uma forma sistémica e podem ser utilizados na prática.


How it works?

We will cover the content in practice and cover only the essentials so that we can design collaborative projects.

Forget online courses where participants are passively receiving information. Here is the group that will build the experience.




We aim to facilitate access to social technologies that can foster local and global innovation.
Therefore, we always provide three forms of contribution.

generate Abundance: 120 € – R$720,00

- Help someone who doesn't have the resources to participate in this workshop.

generate Sufficiency: 100 € - R$600.00

- Help this project to continue with support for all costs involved in production.

Strengthen The project: 80 € – R$480,00

- Ensure the minimum necessary for the event to happen.

If you have no resources and still want to participate, be sure to get in touch!

If the minimum number of participants is not reached, we will send a notification to postpone the course until the quorum is reached.

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