What is it?

When People and Organizations remember that they are also Nature

An exploration of social technologies that invites people to be aware of their responsibilities in society when using the design process to bring about cultural changes.

Our proposal is defined on four fronts


An exploration of social technologies that can be adapted to the most diverse collaboration contexts.


A collective that seeks to build bridges between different approaches and areas of knowledge with a focus on socioenvironmental regeneration.

Integrated practice

An integration of different areas of knowledge with a fun and systemic approach.


A platform that seeks to map social technologies, facilitate access to quality content and connect people and organizations.

Our principles

The changes sought by the CollabDesign proposal are guided by three key principles

Personal and Organizational Development

Change happens from the inside out.

Self knowledge

It is impossible to build communities and regenerate the socio-environmental web without developing individuals and organizations.

Strengthening Communities

Together we know more than each of us do.

Social Innovation

Innovation is at the service of people and communities. It is through disruptive processes that we will discover new solutions.

Planetary Regeneration

We are nature and we design solutions inspired by life.

Biomimetic Design

Nature is our model, our mentor and the measure we use to monitor the progress of our regenerative endeavors.

CollabDesign invites us to look at the world as a game in which everyone must cooperate to win.

Who is it for?

If you are looking for collaborative processes that can help transform your work environment and community, this exploration of the world of social technologies is a great place to start ... or continue!

CollabDesign can be useful for anyone interested in personal growth, organizational design and collaborative processes with a focus on the regeneration of the social and environmental web. 

Approaches involved

Currently, we have a scope of 15 methodologies that unfold in countless models, processes and varied approaches. Our compilation is constantly expanding.

how will you access the content?

We have a lively community that generates content continuously in all formats.


We hold chats with guests to deepen the various contents of CollabDesign.


A library of resources for personal growth, community strengthening and planetary regeneration.

Learning Days

Content made available on our learning platform and access to experiential courses facilitated ...

Community sharing

A fertile space for community exchange and collective learning ...

A social technology platform

We work tirelessly to produce new content and keep this library accessible to as many people as possible. By choosing to be part of the community, in addition to contributing to the expansion and updating of this content to the whole world, you also have access to some other benefits. Discover our courses and our community!


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