• 11 Stages

    The Regenerative Organization

    An exploration of varied contents that can reconnect us with our role as a human being within the biosphere and look at our relationships and organizations as living organisms that are constantly evolving.

  • 13 Stages

    Self-Management: Processes and Principles

    An exploration that seeks to navigate the basic concepts of self-management in organizations and to base the processes through concepts of Sociocracy.

  • 13 Stages

    CollabDesign Fundamentals

    An exploration of social technologies that invites people to be aware of their responsibilities in society by using the design process to bring about cultural changes that stimulate personal and organizational development, community strengthening and planetary regeneration.

  • 9 Stages

    Generation of Ideas (Ideação)

    Another exploration of CollabDesign about techniques and processes that stimulate creativity and offer liberating structures that foster disruptive innovation.

  • 15 Stages

    Holarquia Pessoal

    Este curso explica o método de Organização e Gestão pessoal criado na CollabDesign, elaborado por Ravi Resck.
  • 8 Stages

    The Design Process

    An exploration focused on the nuances of the Design process. All the content exposed here can help us navigate chaotic processes safely and lightly. These are the basic concepts for any collaborative project designer.

  • 16 Stages

    Organic Organizations

    O2 is a social technology that helps organizations to become more adaptive, self-organized and focused on purpose. It is made up of a set of essential rules (your “Meta-Agreements”) and yet another library of constantly evolving patterns.