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4 listening levels and cycles of silence

Ravi Resck 6 de December de 2022

The ability to listen is probably one of the most underrated skills in society. In fact, it is a scarce resource these days.

Theory U presents a model of the listening process that can help us to develop empathy and generative dialogues.

When we change the way we understand information and focus on the present moment, where there is no room for that mental voice that brings our values, beliefs and judgments based on previous experiences, we experience an epiphany that can change the entire course of our lives. .

In Dragon Dreaming we have a very useful tool called Pinakarri, which can be translated as “deep listening”. Pinakarri can help us optimize our communication process and make sure that we are talking about what really matters.

To communicate generatively, we need to direct our attention outside our own bubble and experience the present in its entirety. It is necessary to expand the limits of the mind, emotions and willpower.

Pinakarri can also be described only as a cycle of silence that reconnects us with the evolutionary purpose of our actions.