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Environments made to think

Ravi Resck 4 de December de 2022
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It is through concepts like these that we can design a society that values the capacity for deep reflection.

Heidegger - the famous philosopher of the essence of being - pointed out a profound disconnect between our society and the process of reflection. In fact, when living in a world that is flooded with information, computers that can have infinite windows open and phones that accompany us from bedtime to the bathroom, we would be expected to at least lose focus.

But the truth is that today, deep conversations are very rare in everyday life. The ability to construct concepts, deepen ideas, develop long chains of reasoning and even tell stories is getting lost.

It is through an open mind, a well-disposed emotional body and the extrapolation of the limits of the will that we will open the portals of generative communication, which contributes to the great turn of a system based on win-lose to win-win relationships.

They say that human beings can speak up to 150 words per minute, but can hear up to 1000. To stimulate self-leadership and make the most of people's potential, we need to reprogram ourselves in terms of communication. Suspend the old patterns and witness the moment, let the best that people can provide us.

It is time to create spaces where people can express themselves freely, without the voice of judgment, cynicism and fear.