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How to practice Pinakarri

Ravi Resck 4 de December de 2022
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The practice of Pinakarri gently silences the little voice, allowing us to really listen. A little guide for Pinakarri:

Calm down and connect with your body: Feel where your body connects to the chair or pillows where you are sitting.

Feel the weight of your body: Note your weight and how the Earth supports you. Gravity is the oldest force in the universe. If it were a person giving you this kind of support, you would call it unconditional love. Become aware of the Earth's unconditional love for you, the support it gives you.

Breathe deeply - in and out:Listen for the difference in tone and feel the difference in temperature between inhalation and exhalation. This difference in temperature comes from the Sun. Who are you? You are the dance of the Earth's material cycles with the energy of the Sun.

Can you hear your heartbeat?They have been with you since before you were born and will be with you until the moment of your death.

Find the point where the energy in your body is strongest. Inhale at this point, consciously relax and exhale the tension out.

In Dragon Dreaming, each participant has the possibility to call a Pinakarri at any time. He will ring a bell or sound a gong or some other type of signal that has been awakened, and with this signal everyone will stop what they are saying or doing, and will remain silent for approximately 30 seconds.

It is an individual criterion how deeply each will relax, but it is important that everyone remains silent for a moment.

Pinakarri also helps us to check what we really want.

In silence we can listen to what is happening inside us and see if this or that point is still important to us - or if we lose touch with the original dream, with our desires and needs in an attempt to be right or not to lose our composure. Standing up for our wants and needs is just as important as 'getting cold'. If we suppress our dreams and needs, we will always have a feeling of deficiency. And this feeling will return time and time again, and it could be a real danger to our projects.

It prevents true diversity, which is a necessity for real learning and success. The lack of balance in domination and repression can be found in the project groups: a few having most of the time to talk and pushing their ideas and interests. Pinakarri can help us overcome our tendencies towards domination and repression, thus making us authentic and real.
It can help us become human beings who live 'love in action'.
And it can help us to create a loving community in which each individual is heard and seen in their desires, dreams and needs. When introducing Pinakarri, be aware that it can take a while for people to adjust to using it; don't be discouraged, believe in the process.
This material was taken from the Dragon Dreaming Practical Guide, registered by creative commons.