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The model of deep listening

Ravi Resck 3 de December de 2022
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I heard a legend somewhere that said that Aboriginal peoples, who were nomads, lived in such a connected way that they decided the next destiny of the tribe while dreaming. They lived in what some scholars calleddreamtime,a process of continuous flow in which everything manifests itself in a temporary zone.

These peoples, although considered primitive by some, functioned as a single organism. As do bees, ants and a school of fish that changes direction in a totally coordinated and simultaneous way. Not only Aborigines but all native peoples can teach us to live with nature and not against nature.

As we live in a society based on win-lose relationships, it is natural that this is reflected in the way we communicate. As much as we are engaged in the process of self-knowledge, the threshold of generative and destructive communication is fragile, like the shell of the society in which we live.

The listening model proposed by Theory U describes the shift of attention according to the perception of things.

Downloading: Here our attention is confined within the limits of our own habitual perception. We are just confirming what we already know and have not learned anything new. Nothing can penetrate our bubble.

Listening Factual: When our attention starts to explore the threshold of our perception, we perceive relatively new information, which can disconfirm what we already know. We startedopen the mind.

Listening Empathetic: When we can really see with the other person's eyes, we establish an emotional connection, and shift attention outside the limits of our perception. This only happens whenwe open the heartand nourish our emotional body.

Listening Generative: Here our attention goes beyond the limits of the group's perception and opens space for the possibilities of the future to emerge. And theexpansion of will powerof the group.