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Ravi Resck 4 de December de 2022
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Too often, projects fail because of missing or failed communication.

There are several forms of communication that really help to make dreams come true and to resolve and prevent conflicts. When we design collaborative projects, we are working on creating new paradigms and a new culture.

To do this, we need to regain the ability to listen deeply, to listen to what the Earth is saying to us, to listen to each other and to listen to ourselves.

Pinakarri is the word of the AboriginesMartu MandjilidjaraforDeep Listening. In our Western culture it seems that we have lost the ability to listen to each other empathically.

We have developed a way of listening mainly to a small voice in our heads that is making win-lose judgments and interprets everything we hear through itself.

This little voice is also very distracting and makes us forget more quickly: When we are focusing on conceptual theory, for example, we are able to maintain concentration for approximately 20 minutes before the little voice starts to speak very loudly, making it really difficult for us listening to the information being presented.
This material was taken from the Dragon Dreaming Practical Guide, registered by creative commons.