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The Reconnecting Work

Ravi Resck 28 de January de 2023

Forty years as an activist in the peace, justice and environmental movements, combined with background in Buddhism, systems theory and deep ecology have made Joanna Macy a powerful force for positive change.

It touched the hearts and minds of thousands. The methodology she developed through the work she reconnects is one of the most powerful tools for personal transformation, empowerment and creation of active change agents in what Joanna (and David Korten) called The Great Turning. - the transition from today's growing industrial society to a society that sustains life.

The reconnecting work began in the 1970s and was developed from Joanna's 'Despair and Empowerment' workshops, offered as a way to recognize feelings related to the real possibility of a nuclear war between energy blocks.

Reconnecting Work reminds us of our close connection to the web of life and our authority to act on its behalf.

For more than forty years, Joanna and many of the people she helped train as facilitators have offered this work to thousands of people around the world, helping them to find discernment, solidarity and courage to act, despite the rapidly worsening conditions.

Joanna based the work on her deep understanding of the teachings of Buddhist dharma and her background in systems theory.

Together with Arne Naess and John Seed, Joanna helped to start the deep ecological movement. The work that reconnects shares the deep ecology platform that we explored earlier.

In the book “Our life as Gaia”, Joanna and Molly Young Brown share a treasure trove of exercises and practices that make up the work that reconnects.

”The central objective of Work That Reconnects is to help people discover and experience their innate connections with each other and with the systemic powers of self-healing in the network of life, so that they can be stimulated and motivated to play their part in creation. A sustainable civilization. To do this, we pursue the following objectives:

Provide people with the opportunity to experience and share with others their most intimate responses to the current condition of our world

Reformulate your pain around the world as evidence of your interconnectedness in the network of life and, therefore, of your power to participate in your healing

Provide people with concepts - from systems science, deep ecology or spiritual traditions - that illuminate this power, as well as exercises that reveal their role in their own lives

Provide methods by which people can experience their interdependence, their responsibility for life.

Connect people with the inspiration they can draw from past and future generations and other forms of life

Empowering people to embrace the Big Turn as a challenge that they are fully capable of facing in many ways and as a privilege for which they can rejoice

Bring people to mutual support and collaboration at work for the world. ”Joanna Macy