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The culmination of the workshop serves as a bridge between the experiences of the work that people did together and the daily life that they are about to resume.

Many have come to see with new eyes our ineluctable place in the web of life, our connections with all beings across space and time, and the kind of power that is ours to create a life-sustaining culture.

We now use this new vision to discern the distinct role that each of us can play in the Great Turn.

Weaving Networks

For a lasting benefit for workshop participants, be sure to give them opportunities to interact with each other - by sharing interests, ideas and hopes about the actions in which they are involved or who would like to participate in the Big Turn. It’s good to take some time for this at the beginning of the workshop, but if you don’t have it, do it now.


This is a free-wheeling process, usually good before a meal, when people can continue to chat informally.

Start by inviting people to choose randomly (popcorn style) to name the problems and activities they are called to. So everyone can mix and gather around specific topics.

Alternatively, use sheets of wallpaper on the wall.

Ask people to publish their areas of concern - for example, schools, industrial farms, climate change, nuclear waste, GMOs, homelessness.

The posting process itself may result in some groupings. Then people can meet with common concerns and share ideas and information.

Map / River of Life

You can count on this simple and captivating process to generate a new perspective on someone's life, with unexpectedly appreciative perceptions about its value and purpose. 


Facilitator's instructions: Taking paper and pen, chart your life's journey so far. Let it flow like a chain in a wandering line across the page, from your birth in this life to the present moment.

Along the line, draw symbols or figures to convey significant events that have enriched or redirected the course of your life and the sense of your purpose.

When you get to the present, think about the different trajectories you are thinking of making and draw them in dotted lines from the point Now, each perhaps with its own icon or image.

After fifteen minutes, invite people to share their maps in small groups

External resources include relationships, contacts and networks that you can turn to - not to forget babysitters, wealthy relatives, friends with computer skills - in addition to your location, job, real estate and money in the bank.

     Now, what resources, internal and external, will you need to acquire? To follow your call, what will you need to learn and get?

They can run from assertiveness training, to grants, contacts between organizations and the support they can give you.

     How can you stop yourself? What obstacles can you put in your way? We all have familiar patterns of doubt and sabotage.

    How are you going to get through these obstacles?

     What can you do next week, however small the step - if it is just a phone call - that will take you along that path?

When the two partners write each other's responses (and exchange massages with their hands), each clerk, in turn, reads back to the other from the notes made, using the second person's pronoun: you want, you have, a way to stop yourself, etc.

And the other listens as if he were finally hearing his orders for the march of the universe. The written notes are then exchanged, so that everyone can take their calls and resources with them.


If the time is too short for the whole process, skip the registration. Ask people to simply write down their own answers to each question and share their answers with another person by announcing firmly: "I will ..." or "I will ..." and "I can use these resources ..." (and similar statements).

Translated from the siteWorkthatReconnects