Organic Organizations

O2 is a social technology that helps organizations to become more adaptive, self-organized and focused on purpose. It is made up of a set of essential rules (your “Meta-Agreements”) and yet another library of constantly evolving patterns.
Ravi Resck ·September 3, 2020

This is a curatorship that I made from the content produced by Target Teal about the governance model in self-management known as Organic Organizations.

Before reading this material it is worth knowing the online curiosities of O2 which is free and works as the gateway for those who are curious about the method.

Target Teal is new but has quickly become a reference in Brazil in terms of self-management processes, organizational design and cultural hacking.

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O2 is Open Source

O2 is available on GitHub and you can contribute by submitting change proposals. There is a community in Target Teal's Slack of org-designers, facilitators and enthusiasts contributing to the creation of new standards and improving method. Understand how it works.

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