We live in times of unbelievable technological advancement. Today the world is connected in a way that would never have been possible before. News flies and reaches our pocket computers in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, we face enormous challenges that require a joint effort by society to address the basic needs of humans, living beings that struggle to survive another day and to ensure that future generations will also enjoy natural resources.

The dimension of the challenge

The social division: It can be summarized by the number 8. The 8 biggest tycoons in the world accumulate a material wealth greater than half of the combined world population. Represents the disconnection of theme with the other.
The ecological division:It can be represented by the number 1.5. Our planet is using 1.5x its capacity for regeneration. This means that we would need half of another planet earth to supply our current resource demand. Represents the disconnection of theme with the environment.
The spiritual division: It can be represented by the number 800.000. This is the average number of suicides per year today (Sourceon here). This means every 40s we have a death by suicide in the world. Represents the disconnection of theme with myself.

Collab comes fromCollaborative(collaborative in English) andDesigncomes from the pre-assumption that when organizing specific resources to achieve a certain objective, we are practicing an activity that can be described as "design". In this sense, we are all designers.

When people and organizations remember that they are also nature

It is a response to the challenges that life on Earth faces through the construction of communities that value personal and organizational development in favor of planetary regeneration.

When we talk about Collaborative Design, we have to bring together the most solid processes of systemic innovation to solve the great problems faced by humanity and the planet as a whole.

This can only be achieved by navigating complexity in a completely disruptive way.

Be part of this collective that values the (re) evolution of people and organizations with a purpose that supports all forms of life.

CollabDesign is open source. All copyrights in the processes and approaches are reverted to the community.

All the material we generate can be adapted and used even for commercial purposes.


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